I was running late – adoptions close at 3.30 I got to RSPCA at 3.45. Damn! I enter the adoption area and this dear little black kitten rushed up to the fence, talking to me. I stopped quickly to pet him. Kept walking to greet the lady waiting to assist me. The little black kitten followed me. I spoke to my assistant and told her that I was looking at the black kitten to adopt him. She told me that I was too late adoptions were closed. As were walking back along the cage to the exit this little kitten kept following me and talking. The assistant said you know what, we are going to process the adoption right now, we will get around the time thing.
So Finn came home with me!! He followed me everywhere. At night he slept tucked up under my chin. He is 11 now. Everytime I sit in my chair at night he is sitting at my right side. When I wake in the morning he greets me through the bathroom window. He is my best mate and holds the royal position of Number 1 in the animal world of 7 at home.

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