My partner and I adopted Finley in May last year. He had been terribly abused and initially hid behind the bedroom door and refused to come out, and wouldnt even eat food if people were around him. Whenever someone new came near him he would flinch and run away. Now just over a year later he’s the happiest boy in the park! He runs up to people for pats, he will play with other dogs all day and he absolutely loves coming on the sofa for a cuddle or laying on us at night. He’s learnt lots of tricks and the bond we have with him is extremely close (even when he steals food whenever we accidentally leave it out!). He even loves us our cat and you can see them both curled up together a lot of the time. He’s made our lives so happy and it’s an absolute joy to watch him everyday, seeing his journey to where he is now gives us immense pride and we’re very proud of him. He still gets a bit nervous sometimes but his tail never stops wagging.

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