December 2018 friend forced into a homeless shelter where by new years eve a small 3 month old brown/black kitten had been seen wondering the streets. Stuck out in the boiling heat and heavy rain with no shelter, food or safety, I get a phone call about what to do. Taking the kitten to the vet we find that he's not desexed or mircochipped and his collar had cut into his neck. Decide to take him home advertising him as lost with 3 different organisations. After 2 months with no owners coming forward, he became the newest addition to the family. He has now become the world's biggest people orientated feline who never says no to a pat or cuddle or a walk on a lead. He comes to work and brightens everyone's day with his charm. sadly due to snake bite he died 3 years later leading me to adopt another two kittens from for my dog who missed him terribly.

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