Faye came to us after her first surgery to remove tumors from her nursing ducts. Every nipple was clogged from being bred and her pups removed too soon. She had to undergo three more surgeries while we loved her back to health each time and took her on adventures she never had enjoyed. She stayed with us for six months, the longest foster period ever. Between her first mastectomy, she developed a hernia that was choking he intestines and made her violently ill, near death. With much prayer and a vet that gave her emergency surgery on New Years eve(picture) she was given another life with us. We traveled the beaches, from Sydney to ShoalHaven Heads to Kangaroo Valley bringing her on our Mindahome house and pet Stays. She then had to go through a third mastectomy to remove all her clogged glands. Faye, jumped back with such life and gratitude to Sydney Animal Second Chance donations and Hollywood Vetinary Hospital, and became ready for her adoption! She was adopted by a loving young couple in the heart of Sydney who share their home with her and give her the one on one attention she deserves. God Bless Everyone!

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