Falknor, is 7 years young
He's a big fluffy white green eyed angel.
I just recently adopted him!
He is very similar to me in some ways.
I have severe mental health issues and live in supported independant living.
Falknor has fvi I think it's called.
I do not see him any differently.
We both have issues we deal with.
This gentlemen is the most loving soul I've ever seen.
I want him to be showered in love for the rest of his life.
Falknor will be like my child, spoilt rotten and treated like a little prince, I have a cosy new apartment and bet he is going to adore it. There's plenty of fur blankets and split system heating which will keep him warm. I'm on a disability pension and find it hard at times this would be an absolute privelege and blessing
Thank you so much for your consideration 💓

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