Eyela and I have rescued each other. She is a 1 eyed Cavoodle with dry eye in the other and I am a cancer patient. She was from a ‘breeding farm’ and as she had never gone into heat was just an unwanted mouth to feed. When I got her she was only 2.5kg and so timid. Happy to announce she is now 3.6kg. ✅ She needs encouragement and so do I. ✅ She needs walking and so do I. ✅ She needs love and so do I. ✅
I have only had Eyela for 6 weeks but it feels more like 6 years. She is such a treasure. She loves her walks and zooms to the door when she hears her harness and walks so well beside me. . When I am having a bad day after my treatment she is quite happy to curl up beside me on the couch while I sleep. She has made a few doggy friends down the road so we are both looking forward to lots of play dates. I still pinch myself every day at our good fortune in finding each other.

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