Our beautiful Esther is an ex-racing Greyhound. She is a 9-year-old sassy senior who has completely transformed our lives. Esther came to Greyhound Rescue with a range of medical issues. They took amazing care of her before listing her for adoption, treating kidney infections and removing many rotten teeth. She came to us extremely timid, her coat in a very bad way, with no idea what it was like to be a pet. Five months on, Esther is absolutely loving pet life! She has attended ‘how to be a pet’ school specifically for greyhounds, loves her walks, has become quite the Instagram sensation, and rocks an incredible wardrobe of hound jumpers. She is pampered and adored by not only my husband and I, but everybody she passes on her walks. She is gentle, hilarious, and a testament to Greyhound Rescue’s love and care for the breed. We are so grateful that she was taken in by GR so that we could let her live out the rest of her life away from racing tracks and cages, to where she should be; snoozing her days away in a home that was made for loving her.

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