Ernie was incredibly cautious due to past mistreatment and extremely wary of people, but at first meet went straight to our young son for a pat, and although going nowhere near my husband, gradually approached me after time sitting quietly. During the trip home, Ernie turned away completely not looking at us at all. Within days, Ernie had run away – gone all day and nearly all night. Our searches proved useless – I was sure we may not see him again – living in a rural area it was like a needle in a haystack! Amazingly, we were driving home that night and he was trotting along the road – incredible as it was completely dark and we could’ve easily driven past. In 18 months, Ernie is no longer a dog extremely wary of my husband, whose tail never wagged, wouldn’t come inside or jump in the car, wouldn’t eat until alone and wouldn’t go to bed until lights out each night. Ernie loves my husband, being inside, car trips and just wants to be with us all the time! He knows he has found his family for life. We love him so much and he loves us too!

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