I’ve had Ems for 7 years +. She’s about 13. After a request from RSPCA I fostered her as they’d had 2 cases of cruel puppy factories simultaneously. This involved some 120+ dogs. Many /most of the dogs needed euthanasia. Heartbreaking!
I was inbetween dogs (all rescue) and fell in love with this black labx. She was pregnant when found and I often wonder about her pups. If they went the same way as many of the others with hip dysplasia.
I’ve almost lost her a couple of times as she has to chat to absolutely every human and has run across roads from the park to say hello. She’s indifferent to dogs but not a fighter. But humans!! Her entire body wobbles not just her tail.
I now live in a unit complex on the ground floor and Ems has adjusted well. All in the complex loves her and the 10kg top weight was ignored by the strata people. Ems is 20kg. Then I bought a unit in the adjacent complex, a different Council said no. I’ve rented the unit out! I had an offer from a friend to take Ems but I couldn’t do it. My mate!

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