I adopted Elly from BAWCS in Huntly seven years ago, after my cat Zeke died aged 16. Elly is part Chinchilla, adorable in looks and personality and a very proud and beautiful looking girl. Elly loves her home and she settled in to her new home and surroundings immediately. She gives me so much happiness, joy, love. Elly lives indoors and follows me everywhere I go, whether inside or out in our garden, keeping me company and an eye on me. She loves to sun-bake and rolling around on the warm concrete. Elly and I have conversations all day and she is very much a social fur baby and loves company. She greets my friends and immediately they fall in love with her. She must sit on a chair next to me to be part of the conversation. Elly always welcomes me at the door, looking up at me and gives me her friendly welcoming meow…..to say I'm happy your home. She sleeps next to me on her pillow and wakes me up in the morning if she feels it's late. Elly is my companion and I love her so very much, she is truly my world.

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