My Husband agreed to come to the shelter after months of nagging! We had spotted a dog we thought he might agree to adopt. When we got there we realised the dog we went to see didn’t suit our family so we were about to leave when he saw Ellie standing silently at her gate. He agreed we should meet her and she instantly stole his heart when she rolled over for a tummy rub! She had been surrender once, adopted and then returned, we couldn’t bare the thought of her being alone so we brought her home! She has made our family complete, I’m now seeing the softer side of our teenage son, he adores her and whenever I can’t find Ellie I know the first place to look is his room! She has given us back a sense of family, we spend a lot of time together now, usually fighting over which of us is Ellie’s favourite. Ellie is a perfect addition to our family, she has some issues, but who doesn’t!! We all love her to pieces and she has filled a hole in our family we didn’t even know was there!

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