Ella transformed our life because I have not been able to have a cat because of allergies and finally I found this life changing allergy treatment that allowed me to finally adopt a cat.
Ella chose me I just knew she was right for me from the first time I picked her up I knew she was the one .
She is the most vocal cat ever, her purr is like a truck and purr is really relaxing and comforting.
Ella is loving and has helped my whole family during lockdown and helped with my mental health issues, she makes us laugh a lot she likes putting her bum on the printer, she loves exploring and she loves to be carried in a shopping bag. I have taught her to sit for her treats like a dog and she is very playful likes to do somersaults to impress us. She likes to be the Centre of attention and steal food. she has wormed our way into our hearts its always entertaining and a laugh with Ella around.

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