We adopted Ella on the 1st March 2019. She was in foster care after being impounded. She was 18 months old. It is not exactly clear how Ella ended up in the pound, but it is certain she had a very sad start in life on a puppy farm. It is believed she may have had up to 3 litters of puppies before she was 18 months old. When we first got Ella we instantly fell in love with her. My husband had been recovering from an episode of illness and was suffering with bad anxiety. We thought adopting a rescue puppy would help his recovery and be a great companion. It turned out Ella too suffered with very bad anxieties and fear. She was so scared of many things from loud noises, sudden movements and even the toys we bought her. She was very cautious and nervous around other dogs and was frightened of the ocean. After 3 months of being with us Ella loves the ocean, playing with her toys and is no longer suffering anxiety. My husband is a lot better now and we believe Ella has opened our hearts. She brings us endless joy every day.

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