When Ellie came to us, she wasn't a cuddly dog. She wouldn't sit with you, she wouldn't lay with you. To be honest, she just wouldn't be near you.
Almost 12 months on, and she fights with her sister for the cuddles, she steals the best spot on the bed, on the couch, and even on your lap.
Ellie filled the gap in our hearts (almost) that our Alfie (he was 13 and passed about 3 months before we got Ellie) left behind. She loves her human brother the most, being with him when ever she can. However, she prefers to sleep on the bed with Mum overnight. When Dad's home (he works away), she's stuck to him like glue!
We can't thank Precious Paws enough for allowing us to foster Electra (and we were a big foster fail after not even needing a week to keep her).
Electra is a welcome addition to our family!

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