Patti (now El Diablo) was born into a hoarder home with 20+ cats, was neglected, malnourished and aggressive towards humans and other kitties. She was rescued and put into care at the AWL, where she was kept isolated due to her poor temperament. My fiancé and I would often visit the AWL to donate cat food as we previously adopted our older cat from there.
One day we decided to look at the kittens when we came across a tiny 12 week old fluff ball, humorously nicknamed “Crabby Patti” for her temper. We instantly fell in love and took her home! It took 2 months for her to stop hiding in wardrobes, 3 months to let us hold her and almost a year before she found her voice. Now she spends her days zooming around the house with her older brother, watching birdies by the windowsill, and napping in our bed. We couldn’t imagine life without her.

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