Regular customers of Petbarn in Bayswater, we were in the shop getting food for our two cats and two dogs. Complete animal lovers, we always would go and look at the rescue cats whenever we were there. Then one fateful Saturday in February 2017, my son taps me on the shoulder and says "Mum, you just have come and have a look at this!!!".

One look at Ebony and I was a goner! With her bright round golden eyes she totally put a spell on me and I was instantly in love!

Two days later I was allowed to collect my new princess and bring her home. Ebony took quite a while to settle in, as it was apparent that she had been subject to some sort of ill treatment in the past. She was very aggressive to my other cats, and even took on our large size rescue Kelpie "Walter" on one particular day.

Over time, and with love and patience, Ebony relaxed and has now turned in to a very cuddly, affectionate, communicative girl. We are even the privileged recipients of nose kisses on some days!!

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