After loosing our previous doggo very suddenly early this year, my partner and I didn’t know how to survive. After doing a little bit of searching we came across Dusty the dog. Dusty came into our lives when we needed him most. With our state going back into our 5th lockdown, we are so thankful to have a warm furry friend to cuddle and love during the winter nights. Dusty is a beautiful, boisterous boy who has added so much value and love into our lives. Dusty hasn’t been with us for very long but he has definitely weaved his way into our family. He is our 6:30am alarm clock, even on a weekend, he constantly needs someone scratching his noggin and is the perfect floor cleaner in the kitchen, making sure every bit of food is pick up with his tongue. We couldn’t have picked a more perfect doggo to keep us company, even if he is constantly squeezing his squeaky toy.

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