Not only did my Duncan save my life from a crippling world of anxiety and depression, but I saved his. Left for dead, he was completely neglected and malnourised. I was looking for a companion for my 2 year old GSD girl, Sophie, who I purchased when I was 15 with my own savings. The rescue contacted me and coincidently I was travelling in Duncans direction with my family so I had a car trip to convince my Dad. Three against one didn't take much. Once we met him, the old cliche of love at first site, hit all four of us. The foster carer 'Duncan', who we named his after was nervous about him finding the perfect home due to his previous life but he was ecstatic that he was going to a wonderful home. Dunc came home and fitted in perfectly with our family including Sophie. She just adored him! Duncan went onto winning 1st places at the local show and obedience club. He was a smart, loyal and loving companion. 10 years later he is still devoted to me as much as I am with him. Duncan changed my world and I love him so much!

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