Last year, our family braved the Melbourne lockdowns to meet our foster cat Duke. We didn’t know much about him except for the fact that he was a friendly cat from Swan Hill, Victoria.

Duke was certainly friendly but to our surprise, he had patches of hair missing from his back and nose. He was diagnosed with suspected ringworm and, after being advised to keep him quarantined, we made a cosy space for him while patiently awaiting the results.

Those days were hard for Duke, we’d find him curled up and scared in the bathroom sink every morning, even though we’d left him a very comfy bed to sleep in! Once we knew he was free of ringworm and free to roam, Duke really thrived. He’d sit on our laps when we were working from home and snuggle up between us when it was time to go to bed.

When our time as foster parents came to an end, we couldn’t bear to let him go so we adopted him and made him our forever friend. Duke is still the friendliest cat we’ve ever come upon but he’s cheeky, hilarious and just a little bit feisty too!

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