Duke had insane separation anxiety when we first got him as well as some medical issues.
His mum rejected him at 2 weeks old so he landed in the hands of the rescue group.
Duke went to a couple different foster homes so by the time we adopted him he was so on edge that everyone was leaving him all the time. We couldn’t leave his side without him screaming and having actual tears rolling down his face 🙁
Lucky we work from home so was able to slowly get Dukes trust and teach him that we were not leaving him and that he was safe and secure with us.
Our vet helped get his medical conditions under control and gain his trust that he is safe.
Duke is now the happiest puppy, he loves every human being and loves nothing more than to be curled up with his humans.
However Duke will now go and sleep in another room if he wants some time alone and has learnt that we will always come home to him if we need to pop out.
Iv never met such a loving funny beautiful dog in my life and I love him.

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