8 years ago I went to the pound as I was finally in a position to have a dog and I knew I needed one. I walked the aisles of the pound my heart crying at the sight of all the dogs but none of the little dogs were available and the one I thought maybe had a list of ten people waiting. As I walked the pound this black dog that looked like staffy x lab kept giving me the tail wag and a smile. On the second lap I stopped to say hello. I left the pound with my name on a list and I was number 4. Halfway home I got the call to say he was mine. “He” I said “I thought he was a ‘she’”. He joined me a week later and I named him Duke. Duke changed my life. I didn’t know how lonely I’d been or that something could hold my heart in his paws so tightly. Duke is my emotional barometer, loves swimming, FOOD, new people and pats and lying on the couch curled up next to me. He is my soul friend and has taught me to love life.

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