My friend Lorraine urged me to find a pet for love and company. I searched many centres and saw Duchess, a beautiful 2 year old rescue cat needed a quiet life as an only pet who needed to be indoors. I thought this might be the one! I could be the right one for her.
She was a street cat who had a rough start to life fending for herself and her 9 kittens! This gave me more interest as I am the youngest of 9 children!
I arranged to see her at her carer's house after putting in an application…what I saw was this beautiful calico playful but shy young cat…she watched me from a distance as I chatted to her foster carer who said that I needed to let Duchess make the first move.
We chatted about my previous pets and why I had decided to rescue Duchess.
My response was from the heart.
I lived alone, missed having an animal in my life, could give Duchess a loving forever home and knew the environment would suit her.
At that moment Duchess entered the room, rubbed up against me and allowed me to pat her…she came with me!

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