Walking to the gym one night, I thought I saw a very small possum in a garden outside a business. Quickly, I realised it was actually a tiny kitten! After two weeks of feeding this kitten every night, on a rainy October night the folks at Canberra Pet Rescue and I trapped not one, but two, 7 week old kittens: Doyle and Houdini. Houdini went on to be adopted into his loving forever home, and Doyle and I have become best friends. From a terrified kitten hiding away in a crate to a boisterous young cat who yells at me for pats, Doyle has come a long way. His favourite hobbies are trying to steal food, and throwing all his toys under the fridge. His incredibly dramatic, full of energy, and I thank my lucky stars every day that I saw his brother run past my path one evening as I walked to the gym.

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