the day i rescued Dottie was the day dottie rescued me . i call her my heart as she helped heal mine. our home was hurting as we had recently lost our beloved girls Dolly our 12 year old chihuhua and brandy our 15 year old maltese. our remaining little girl missy was pining and struggling to cope with the loss of her adopted mum Dolly. We decided to adopt a new family member. we went up to pet rescue. We were then told they had a older dog that had just been surrended and dropped off by the ranger would we like to see her yes. the moment they brought her in she went and sat on all our laps and went up to missy and they rubbed heads and missy was calm. i believe Dolly sent her to us that day to heal us . we took her home straight away . Dottie has the sweetest old soul and gentle nature she is loved and adore by everyone who meets her. she struggles abit now with walking as she is nearly 16. i know my heart will break again , but it has been worth every loving moment.

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