We found Dolores through GDRQ
She was advertised with pet rescue
She was 18 months old and living with a wonderful foster family in Queensland .,,
she was our 2nd rescue…
We already had our rehomed Saxon a fawn ….
When we saw her photo she was a little skinny thing!..
We made Enquiries and we’re lucky enough to be accepted a her new family…
We made arrangements for her to be flown down from Brisbane to Melbourne…
That was such a memorable experience
We followed her journey on flight tracker ….
We live 1.5 hours drive from Melbourne airport so not only had she to manage a crated plane trip to the unknown in her already sad little life she had to meet us late at night and travel in a car to her new home…
We met her late at night in a dark noisy windy cold terminal in Melbourne airport
There she was in a crate looking so sad and worried dressed in a purple bandanna lovingly soaked in rescue remedy and placed on her neck by her beautiful foster family
A sight to behold

Little tin ribs ,a blue dane in Purple

She changed our Lives…,

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