We adopted DJ on 25.09.2016, the same day our twins turned 11. What a birthday gift he turned out to be. Over the last 3yrs we have witnessed DJ turn into the most loyal, affectionate and adorable family pet. He has weaved his way into our home & our hearts. I like that he inspires me to exercise and he has mastered the knack of walking on a lead. DJ rarely barks but makes an excellent guard dog. He insists on evening cuddles on the couch despite his 42kilos! I stumbled on an old Facebook photo of DJ (while he was at a pound in Lithgow). Generous supporters funded his transfer to Newcastle so he’d have a better opportunity of adoption. He looks so vulnerable in that photo. We are so grateful to the people who donated to give him a chance and so grateful to the temporary Foster families who cared for him before he came to us. But mostly we are grateful to DJ for the joy he has brought to our family. He is in almost every family photo and will always be part of the kids childhood memories.

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