I started volunteering at Greyhound Rescue because I wanted some quality doggy time but wasn’t planning to have my own dog at the time. Then one shift, I met Delores and I knew from that moment that I was her human. I applied for her immediately but learned that another volunteer had been approved first. I was sad, but I decided that if she was meant to be with me, she would find her way back to me. Less than a week later I had a call from GR to say that the volunteer's cat was not coping with Delores and that if I was still interested, she could come to me for a trial.
Delores has now been with me for just over a year and she has transformed my life. She has had an overwhelmingly positive impact on my wellbeing. She has the same effect on everyone we meet. I like to think she is changing perspectives for many people about this amazing breed, as people are astonished that she is so gentle and sweet. The most common refrain is “She so soft!”. Sometimes, a dog is just meant to be in your life and change it for

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