We apples to adopt Delilah under the impression that she needed to go to a home with owners that have lots of professional and personal experience with cats and that she couldn’t be touched and would never be a lap cat. My partner and I both work with cats and felt she’d be perfect for us. We were completely happy if we never got to touch her, we just wanted to give her a happy and safe home. It took her foster carer 4 months to be able to touch her with one finger. The day we got her she was letting us give her pats. She now meows down the house for attention, is always cuddled up to my legs or on my lap and LOVES a good bum scratch! She’s best friends with our other cat Simba, although our third cat Mishka just wants her own space from them both. She loves her food, doing roley Polly’s and her fur/feather/scale/axolotl siblings, her adopted parents and lots of attention! She’s never once hurt us or not wanted a pat. We’re blown away by her progress. She’s also on Instagram at @delilahszoo with her furever family! We love our princess!

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