I had a dog-shaped hole in my heart since I lost my German Shepherd to old age. That hole has been filled by Dazymon, a two-year-old, male German Shepherd.
I have been searching for a rescue dog for a while. I got a call from German Shepherd Rescue, Sydney. Urgent, a neglected dog in Northern NSW needed a new home or at least a foster. I met the dog, driving him home in my car, he was crying on the back seat, going to his fourth new home in two years. I vowed that I would keep him and he would never be scared or uncertain again.
For the first two days he just slept and kept as close to me as possible. He was severely underweight, anxious and had very poor skin and muscle tone. I focussed on feeding him and being present for him.
Two weeks later he has filled out to his correct weight, he bounds around the back yard and takes enthusiastically to training. I don’t think this poor dog knew what a toy was. He had no training. His only response was to sit, and that was due to fear and anxiety.
Now he can

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