Daxie was a Boxer cross, a big dog with long gangly legs and a Staffy head. His ribs were showing through, he had a long scar right along one side and he was deaf. The pro bono vet took all his teeth out because they were rotten, and called him "Old Boy" on his vaccination certificate. She judged him to be 12 years old.
Daxie had the most beautiful nature, despite what had happened to him. He loved everyone, humans, dogs, cats, and children. He padded along slowly on a walk, and each time people stopped to ask how old he was, what breed he was, and could they pat him. One woman in passing said, "The way that old dog walks, is just the way I feel !" After Daxie had exchanged sniffs with a small French bulldog, his owner said to the young dog, "Say goodbye to Grandpa !" Sadly Daxie died two and a quarter years later. He left a big gap in my heart. Those two years were full of love. I have written this because older dogs still have a lot to give, I now have Lady, who is 12 years old.

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