We were deeply saddened by the loss of our 16 year old blind dog who we loved so much and swore was our last dog, but after some time we felt the need for another.
We saw a photo of Dash online and immediately fell in love with her. She was up for adoption from Farmdogz in South Australia 2 years ago.
Her mum, Marney, was a rescue dog and unbeknown to her rescuers, was expecting pups. Dash was one of her litter. We applied to adopt her but were concerned our ages (70 and 73) would come against us. We also didn't realise at the time Farmdogz did not accept interstate adoptions, but to our good fortune, we were accepted and her foster mum organised her flight from Adelaide to Sydney with Jetpets and our journey with her began.
She is a Kelpie cross. She was a mischievous pup but has grown into a beautiful girl, who has brought so much joy into our lives. She is a smart,affectionate girl and we enjoy taking her to training, walking in the park, playing ball and best of all snuggling up with her at day's end. Best decision we've ever made.

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