Daphne is a chocolate lab who was at swan hill
Pet boarding after she was surrendered by her previous family as she wasn’t wanted by them anymore. We have a German short hair pointer, Josie, with severe separation anxiety and we were so stressed because it seemed we couldn’t meet her emotional needs no matter what we did or how much time we have her. We saw daphne needed a new home and was a little older than Josie, and so we took Josie out for a meet and greet. They instantly got along and we took daphne home for a trial and absolutely fell in love with her sweet and calm nature and so did Josie. We all immediately loved daphne and josie’s anxiety has eased so much having her become part of her family. You can see in daphne’s eyes how happy she is with her new family v’s when we first met her and she looked lost and vacant after been left by her last family. We would be lost without her in our family.

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