Daisy was originally owned by an old lady, unfortunately she had to go to a nursing home. She was then passed onto the ladies son, who was not equipped to have a dog, and advertised to give her away on Gumtree or she would be put down. A customer of my daughter , she works at Woolies got her with every intention of keeping her. This was not to be as he had a couple of dogs, one of which was a 60kg German Shepard, who could have easily trampled and hurt Daisy. So he had to find her another home. He asked my daughter if she would like a dog, and after asking her parents Daisy came to us, her 4th home, and hopefully her forever home.
When Daisy first came to us, she was scared and very timid. When my husband spoke to her she peed herself, because she afraid. We feel like at some stage she has been abused. Since coming to us, she has blossomed. She is getting braver everyday, she goes for walks, is eating better. She lets you give her a bath. She isn’t scared when my hubby talks to her, she’s happy 😊

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