Daisy has received medical care from us having a lump removed and several teeth. She is much healthier and happier now. She was afraid to eat at first as she came from a puppy mill. Now she is less anxious and enjoys her food. She is incredibly affectionate and intelligent and understands a lot of conversations. She is my dear wife’s beloved companion and I think Daisy chose my wife by jumping on to her lap at the rescue shelter. We changed her name from Prada to Daisy. She is almost like a companion dog, bringing so much joy and support especially when my wife is sad and unwell with chronic pain: Daisy always brings cheer with her bright eyes and adorable smiling face. We take Daisy to our local coffee shop and she wins many hearts al fresco. She loves having chewy treats and is learning to play more and be cheeky. She has transformed our lives since we lost our previous rescue dog and cat. We feel so privileged and lucky to have this wonderful ray of sunshine that is our Daisy.

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