I adopted Daisy during Covid. I was working from home at the time and in the middle of obtaining my dream job, but I felt there was still a hole in my life. At the same time my partner Christopher joined the pack.

Daisy has taught us alot of things over the last two years, how to have fun and enjoy the outdoors, how to be leanient and patient, how to care and how to unconditionally love.

Daisy rules the household with her cheeky character and enjoys going stand up paddle boarding, boating, long walks, puppy play dates and cars.

She is the highlight of everyday and expresses her feelings through her funny faces and games.

The photo attached is of Daisy and Christopher getting ready to go out on the boat, this is one of my favourite pictures which demonstrates the love we all share for each other.

When Daisy first arrived she was yellow in colour and didn't know what a toy was, now we can't buy enough toys and her markings are changing everyday, she is a quick learner and loves to join in on everything we are doing. She is the backbone to our little family.

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