Dahlia was rescued off the street by Whiskers and Tails as a tiny kitten. He stayed in foster for months with no interest to adopt him. When we came to see him he was so shy he ran and hid, but we knew we wanted to adopt him. We took him home a couple days later and began trying to earn his trust. He was so scared and shy we weren’t sure if we’d done the right thing as he seemed happier with his foster and he was so afraid of us. We worked hard for weeks and had the rescue check in often and now he’s the sweetest little kitty cat. Next week he will be 8 months old but he acts like a hyper 8 week old kitten. He has truly changed my life for the better and taught me about trust and patience. Every day I’m so thankful that he has learnt to trust us, I can’t imagine my life without him now

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