Crystal came to us from The Rabbit Sanctuary in 2017. I was recovering from treatment for breast cancer and I was in a really low place in my life. I needed something to give my life meaning again. Crystal had come from a very bad background and had been abused. She was incredibly scared and was quite aggressive when we got her. Biting and scratching. However, over time I gained her trust. I would get her out of her pen and on my bed, as that's where I was spending most of my time due to side affects of chemo and radiotherapy. Over time I gained Crystal's trust. I would cuddle her and have her up under my neck. Eventually she would just lie stretched out on the bed and watch tv with me. One day I was patting her and she started grooming me!! Licking my hands and arms giving me kisses. I felt so much love from that rabbit. She had come so far. She brightened up my day and just gave me unconditional love. She bought the light back into my darkness.

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