When my adopted dogs passed away, I never thought I could have another pet that I loved as much as them. But months went by and life felt empty without them. I wasn't ready for another dog, so we decided to look for a little cat. I came across Cruze's profile, a teenage boy that had been dumped as a kitten and been in foster care his whole life. We arranged a meet and greet. He was shy and standoffish, but I knew he was the one. He had bonded with a much younger kitten (Ralphie) while they were in care, so we adopted them both so they could be together. Two years later, they are my absolute joy. They are funny, quirky and affectionate, the best two companions I could have ever asked for. I am so grateful for BFF for taking care of the unwanted and unloved ones, because my two discarded kittens turned out to be absolutely perfect.

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