We rescued our dog , he was two years old. The ranger handed him in to the Dog rescue as he thought he deserved a chance for a new family. He would have be put down if the ranger hadn’t handed him in. When we went looking for a new buddy, my wife wanted a German short haired Pointer, I was looking for a Blue Healer. We checked what dogs were available at the Wodonga Dog Rescue and along came our dog, he was a blend of both. So we were very happy. His name was Cracker which we thought was great.
We had an interview with the Dog rescue manager as our dog needed a big space and high fences. Luckily we have a three quarter acre property and good fencing. We were given the ok with a trial period. When I picked up Cracker , I opened the car door and he leaped in without a second thought! All the way home he put his head on my lap . I was just amazed how he took us on so quickly. He is now eight and we love him dearly.

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