Cooper (formerly known as Gizmo) was a timid, scratchy and dull coated, dry nosed, dull eyed, hide in the corner dog that had spent 12 to 18 months being shuffled around different houses and animal shelters.
Since adopting him we have witnessed his steady transformation into a loving, cuddling bundle of joy with a coat as soft as velvet, eyes that literally shine with excitement and life, a tail that only stops wagging when he sleeps, affection beyond compare, an enormous personality and a continuous burst of energy that belies his 11 years of age.
He in turn has reinforced our belief that love and patience with animals are so rewarding, and he has opened our eyes to the world and joys of being a Beagle owner.
The biggest influence he has had on us, however, is he has convinced (maybe reinforced?) our thoughts on adoption as we will now only ever consider adopting older dogs from a shelter, they may be in our lives for only a shorter time than a puppy but their last years will be the best they could ever hope for or imagine.

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