We adopted Cooper and Baxter, who are father and son, from Puppy Tales Rescue at the start of lockdown last year. When we first got them, Cooper was really disengaged and Baxter was desperate for attention. They'd lived their entire lives in a backyard and clearly didn't know affection or attention, and their reactions spoke to their personalities. Over the near year of lockdown in Melbourne, we worked hard to reduce Baxter's reliance on his dad (he'd sit on him for comfort and closeness) and show him that he could get love through his new family. With Cooper we worked to open him up and show him that he could trust our love and that we would do right by him. Now Cooper is incredibly affectionate and in the last two weeks has finally started wagging his tail. Baxter is now super independent but still a cuddly boy and had learned to love playing, which he was scared of before. Seeing them come out of their shells and grow comfortable in their family is the sweetest thing.

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