My boy was extremely anxious, had no recall and was very timid. We engaged in positive training and my trainers identified a close bond between us despite him being a little distracted. Cookie was never trained as an assistance dog but si ce having him he had been able to detect when I have a 'hypo' (I'm a type 1 Diabetic). I thought it was a once off but over the years he now sits and stares at me until I get up, get some food and come sit down again. He doesn't leave his 'post' or or go back to bed until my reading is good. He has been a big encouragement in getting exercise in everyday and is the biggest softy with our new little JackRussel. He's become an influencal big brother. He also loves to chat all the time which brings a smile to my and so many others faces, which allows us to socialise with many other people. I have met so many great people and shared so much advice just because of who this beautiful dog is.

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