I’ve struggled with mental health my entire life. When we adopted Connor, his existence has changed mine for the better. We have our daily routine together. I think this type of structure has really made me become more responsible and accountable for how I set our days together. He reminds me that I’m more than capable of creating my own daily happiness. Connor teaches me to love, to forgive, be patience, and most importantly to have fun. Im honoured to spend the next years with Connor by my side. We always walk proudly next to each other on the streets. We give each other confidence. I’ve seen the smiles he has put on strangers’ faces. If he was still hidden away in the shelter, his infectious happiness would’ve never been know. That would’ve been a shame. I’m so grateful that he is in my life. I think my favourite thing about Connor is his gentle and calm temperament. He has brought a lot of love and light to my life, my partner’s life, and everyone he meets.

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