Coleby (Bull Arab x Bull Mastiff) was rescued by Dog Rescue Newcastle at 12 weeks old. He was only 12kgs, and had been starved and abused. He spent 4 weeks with a carer, then came home with me at 16weeks, and he was exactly the dog I knew I always wanted! He was still very nervous, and scared around anyone new and anything that wasn't familiar. But he was incredibly sweet, and learned quickly that he was a part of our family! Now, Coleby is now 7 years old and a healthy and strong 48kgs. He adores my family and has a big of a list of basic commands and tricks he can confidently do- he clearly enjoys getting them right for us. He loved playing with his older Staffy sister Roxy, and now enjoys running with his Greyhound sister Rosie. Adopting him has been the best decision I've ever made and I'm so glad he's a part of my family 🙂

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