I adopted Queenie to be a mate for my rescue male bunny Winston . It was and instant connection and they stayed completely in love until Winston passed away . Queenies life before coming into our family was one of neglect and heartache . Queenie was found in a backyard suffering from neglect . Her cashmere coat was severely matted anc her skin was bleeding . She was found with 4 kits 2 of which were deceased . I’m not sure if this was the reason but Queenie had behavioural issues , she was retried of humans . She was at the sanctuary and she would go out to homes but only to be returned . I was in search of a female and Kim Cooney asked if I would give her a chance, s we high I did . Queenie has changed , she’s still very timid but I except that . I don’t ask anything of my girl . I just want her to be happy and that she is. I chose Queenie because out of all my buns she was the one in need of someone who cared

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