Coco was adopted in 2010 at 12 weeks. She didn't have much interest. I found her by pure accident. But that's another story. I lived in Qld she was in NSW and I got her on the first flight. She was a brave girl at first, then she wasn't. Eventually she grew up to be an amazing, beautiful, cheeky girl with some anxiety. I loved her more than anything in this world. She and my old boy were the best of friends. They were the perfect couple. Coco passed away on March 18th 2021 from cancer we found by accident. Her cheeky personality and zoomie lifestyle would never had us thought she was I'll. She died peacefully in bed with Serj and I, I held her paw, I thanked her for everything, and told her I loved her as she slipped away. I miss her every single day. She was my world. And I miss her terribly. One in a million where 200 words will never be enough to tell her story and just how amazing she was.

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