Coco is a kelpie and was 4 when we first met her. She was scared of everything and yet strangely trusting of all humans. It quickly became apparent that she had never had a bad experience with a person probably because she had never been outside her backyard. She didn't know about leashes or going on walks, or about other dogs. She would panic and try to climb us if we took her out anywhere. She was petrified of water and cars – everything outside of a basic yard seemed like she was seeing it for the first time. Even cuddles were strange. I kissed her head and she froze, waiting to see what was happening to her.
After training, weekly day care and many cuddles, Coco is the loveliest, most affectionate member of our family. She's still nervous but is calm in the face of new experiences and trusts that we will protect her.
And, she regularly insists on having her head kissed

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