My partner and I had 2 dogs and one cat, and I had been dying to get a little kitten! I had been looking and looking until one day at work a lady came in who had just rescued a mum with a litter of kittens, all black except one Little blue boy!
It was perfect! My partner always wanted a grey cat! After weeks of deciding and waiting for him to be the right age – we planned to get him home! On the night we got him, I was heading home from work. I got home to my partner pointing At our little
Kitten in the cat tower – I go over to see, and what do I see!? A small love heart on his bow tie collar that said ‘MARRY ME?’ I turn Around and my man is on one knee, ring in hand! A beautiful kitten and beyond perfect proposal all at once – I said yes and I can’t wait to marry my best friend, and now we have a fur family of 4!

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