I found Clooney on the Pet Rescue site listed with Heaven Can Wait shelter in Tamworth. He had such sad eyes but a gorgeous & sweet face. I contacted the shelter thinking Clooney would have been snapped up to find out I was their first enquiry. I soon made an appointment to meet him, he was in a foster home as he was very scared & shy. I remember the first time I held him, he cuddled up in my arm & rested his head between my neck. I knew this was love at first sight.
The next step was Clooney came for a visit to ensure I had a secure yard but also got along with my other dog Benji. Clooney are Benji are now the best of friends who snuggle up together. Clooney has brought a lot of happiness into my life & also my family. Clooney loves to sit on my nanna’s lap & let out of few ZZZ’s. He has grown into a wise old man, enjoying morning walks & snuggles in front of the TV in the evening. Clooney always greets me with a massive smile each day I get home from work.

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