Clodagh came into care with part of her paw missing. She eventually had her back leg amputated to the knee but then had it amputated to the hip, in 18 months she’d had three traumatic experiences.
After being at the shelter for 12 months she’d still let no one touch her. I met her with treat in hand, sat on the floor and she rubbed her face all over me, let me pick her up, I was smitten. We brought her home to our caravan (we travel full time) to meet our other rescue cat and after a short time they were fine together. It took a few months for her to jump up onto our laps for cuddles and she’ll still give us a nip or a wack occasionally but smooches in the morning in bed are her thing. She’s feisty and loves to beat up her feathery toy, chatting to it like it was alive, making us laugh with her antics. We are so glad we took the time to give a home to a disabled cat and that she lets us love her. She enjoys her adventures on the road with us and her sister Danni.

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